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Real Time Tracking

Advanced tracking capabilities, catch current detail operation status of vehicle.


Historical Route

Show on the map of trajectory of vehicle was operated in the past.


Event lists

Driving data collection and analysis of the occurred event, such as sudden acceleration /deceleration and abrupt steering, brakes, etc…

Thumbnail image or 6 seconds video is displayed on the event information depends on customized requirement.

Operation Report

Display the report of vehicle operation which comes with trajectory and events on the map.
Daily driving evaluation score is based on the following information from the driver's state such as sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, abrupt steering, speeding, idling…so on.


SOS/Accident/Theft Notification

When accidents occurred, SOS alert (with sound) pop up automatically to notify preset contact person.

Example of POP UP message:SOS occurred from a vehicle(“5722-MQ") of "Salesman 1" at "Fri Nov 22 14:22:26 2013". The place is latitude (25.005642), longitude (121.290520).